Drain Cleaning 101

Posted On: 07/31/2012

This post comes to us from Len The Plumber, a plumbing company in Baltimore. If you need drain cleaning in Annapolis, call them! The three most common places for drain clogs to occur are in the curved sections of your pipes (the traps), deep in the toilet and in the … Read More »

Choosing the Right Windows for Your Home

Posted On: 07/26/2012

Information in this post was provided by Quality Window & Door, one of the leading window companies in Maryland. If you need a window company in Annapolis, contact their experts today! So you’ve figured out it’s time for window replacement, which is great (old, drafty windows can cause a whole … Read More »

Garbage Disposal Tips

Posted On: 07/26/2012

This guest post comes to us from Len The Plumber, a Maryland plumbing company with offices in Baltimore and Silver Spring, MD. Thanks Len The Plumber! Some of the most common calls we get are for malfunctioning garbage disposals, and nine times out of 10 the problem is something that … Read More »