Upcoming Events in Annapolis

Posted On: 05/17/2012

This calendar of events is brought to you by All Seasons Heating & Cooling, a local HVAC company providing reliable, professional heating and cooling services to Annapolis. Are you looking for something to do in Annapolis this weekend? Do you want to get out of the house? We have some … Read More »

Stand Up Paddling in Annapolis

Posted On: 03/27/2012

With all the beautiful waterways around Annapolis – and the fast-approaching summer – you have to start preparing your body for stand up paddling. If you haven’t ever tried it, you’ll definitely want to! It’s a fun way to get out on the water and get a great workout at … Read More »

Guest Post – How Much Electricity Does My House Use?

Posted On: 02/21/2012

This post comes to us from Colonial Electric, an Annapolis electrical company servicing most of the Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC area. How Much Electricity Does My House Use? Trying to nail down how much energy your home is using can be difficult. Even with the million or so energy-use … Read More »